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Capital Gold Review

Important Note: If you need help with Buying Gold and new to investing in Precious Metals, please start here to read this important info:

We recommend doing your due diligence before just choosing any company. We have read so many reviews of clients being ripped off and going with just any company that has terrible reviews and even committed fraud. Please investigate thoroughly before making your decision. Check out a few more reviews before you start the rollover process.

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Capital Gold

Everyone that holds an Individual Retirement Account can use the funds however, he or she wants. If the vagaries of the economy are too much to handle, a person can use the IRA funds to invest in gold and other valuables. This helps everyone keep control of his or her own account while keeping a fund open for the retirement. There are many companies that take advantage of this fact, helping many to roll over their own 401(k) accounts in to an IRA account.

Companies like the Capitol Gold Group are around to help invest the funds in to something tangible, like gold bullion and gold coins. These companies use the idea of economic downturns to pray on the fears of many. Since gold and precious metals are solid, they are often considered a good investment. However, many companies like this don’t have the best reputation as a reputable investment source. Is the Capital Gold Group a company that can be trusted? The internet helps to reveal what the truth is behind the business.

Better Business Bureau

Capital Gold BBB

0 complaints closed with BBB since March 10, 2013


The BBB can help you decide on a third party gold aggregator and sales firm. The BBB keeps a very close eye on all firms that are in any way connected with finance. Gold companies are no exception, and you can assume that when a company gets a high ranking from the BBB, that ranking is deserved. You can also check on the amount of complaints that have been made by previous customers against a company on the BBB website.

The Complaint Board


When searching the consumer-focused site The Complaint Board, complaints popped up centered on the company. These complaints were focused on the same issue: where is the physical goods that were promised? One person invested quite a bit of money in to the group when rolling over a 401(k) in to an IRA. The money was giving with the trust that the investors would do their job. Instead, there were exorbitant fees involved in just transferring the money over to the Capital Gold Group. Once the money changed hands, the company didn’t receive the physical goods that were promised. This customer has filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and is considering legal action.

The second customer sent in a check for quite a bit less money, but he still never received the coins he was promised. At the time of the complaint, the company hasn’t answered any calls or communication with the customer.

Business Consumer Alliance
Total: 13 complaints


Trustlink is one of the most trusted of consumer protection websites. The site uses consumer submitted reviews to help grade a company. These reviews offer both praise and complaints, showing the true nature of the company. The Capital Gold Group has many positive reviews via Trustlink, but there are some telling negative reviews that should make a person think.

One customer calls out the company as being a fly by night organization. The customer points out that the company loves to take the money but isn’t in a hurry to ship any type of physical coin. The coins that the customer received are also so worn they barely resemble a piece of currency. When the customer asked the representative of the Capital Gold group about this, the agent just scoffed and told him he should expect that with old coins. There also seems to be a running theme of the company taking advantage of those that are not knowledgeable about the industry. Instead of helping them learn, the company uses the lack of knowledge to get their money.



As with the other sites, Scambook is set up to help protect the consumer. Using reviews sent in by customers, the site ranks each company. The Capital Gold Group has several complaints against it on Scambook. One consumer bought a $5,000 dollar package. When the gold coins were received, the consumer had an independent dealer evaluate the coins. The evaluation came up saying that the coins were actually worth half of what the initial purchase price included. When the consumer pointed this out to the company, they said that the coins were now in the high value category.

A Trusted Company

There are many good reviews and happy customers of the Capital Gold Group. These people are willing to recommend the company to others. They received the products requested and nothing bad happened when rolling over to gold based IRA. This leads many to believe that the company has no faults and is above-board with their dealings. All the positive reviews and press is a good sign that the company isn’t bad. The staff seems to be generally positive and the products are the value indicated in the packages.

Proceed With Caution

Of course, if the complaints are balanced out with the positive reviews, a person needs to be cautious. Bad reviews show what a company is like as much as a good review. The suggestion is to research this company before fully trusting it. Find out what it is like. Talk to dealers and investors and see if the company can be trusted. Right now, the feeling is that it should be avoided.

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